How do I get my 7th Rental Day for FREE ?

When renting for 7 days or more, your 7th day is always FREE. Book now and get 7 days for the price of 6 !
As an example, if you have a two week (14 day rental) – You’ll enjoy two (2) free days

A FREE Day is one (1) day of your Rental Rate

Insurance, Fees and any Add-On services are not included as free on any 7th day
7th Day Free may not apply on special Rental packages

Call +1 345 949 4790 for more details or send us a message and we’ll be happy to assist you

How do I get On-Call Roadside Assistance?

Safety and Convenience is our priority for you.

You can pre book our On Call roadside assistance on our online reservation system or at the rental desk on arrival.

Vehicle issues Not caused by the driver will be addressed by our team of
service professionals

Call our office at +1 345 949 4790 or our Dedicated Support Line at +1 345 925 8508 for assistance

Please note that flat tires, Lost Keys, and other driver caused issues will incur a Call-Out Fee

Quick Tip…  If you’re going to be around water, we highly recommend you purchase a Water-Proof & Floatable Key protector  …Most auto keys are electronic and not designed for wet or damp environments.

How to sign up for FREE FAST Check-Out and avoid waiting for my vehicle?

Have your car waiting and your paperwork done BEFORE you arrive!

Fast Checkout works by you providing all your rental details PRIOR to your arrival so we’ll work with you to obtain the following:

  1. All Driver Licence information
  2. Your payment details
  3. Where you will be staying on Island
  4. Any rental insurance options you need
  5. Any Add-on Service options ie. Child Seat etc.

We highly recommend this FREE service and you can be assured all information is secure.

Simply CLICK HERE to sign up for this service & we will call you back within 48hrs to obtain your credit card information.

How do I save time with the FREE No Hassle FAST Check-In?

Check-In for your flight easily without getting stuck returning your car – Especially when you’re in a hurry or have a large group !

Request your rental agent have you sign up for a FAST Checkin and when you return you’ll be happy you did.

How it works
Before you start your rental…
1. Request FAST Check-In when you make your reservation or when you checkout your car
2. Review and sign the form

When you’re Departing…
3. Return your vehicle to our Airport Office and leave the key with us or if you return when we’re closed, park your car in the designated area next to our office, remove all your personal belongings and lock your vehicle with the key, then place the key in the DOLLAR/THRIFTY Drop Box located in the Check-In area at the Owen Roberts Int’l Airport
4. That’s it !

When we receive your car, we’ll inspect it, apply any necessary charges, close and eMail your rental agreement – Easy !

How do I request FREE Vehicle Delivery & Pickup?

Paying too much to get around? Walked Enough?  Ready to explore the Island?

We can deliver your car for FREE to the 7 mile Beach area for rentals of 3 days or longer – Book in advance and if you’re staying at one of our Partner Properties.

To make a reservation just book on our website and we’ll be happy to serve you.

You can always contact us by using the Ask a Question form to confirm whether this service is available for where you’ll be staying on Island.

IMPORTANT: This service requires a minimum three (3) day rental – Shuttle service cannot be combined with this service.

What is Private Aircraft – FBO Service?

For both passengers and crew, we’ve catered to many private aircraft clients and are happy to meet expectations
– We gladly service passengers and crew using the Island Air FBO

Please contact us by eMail at, or simply use the convenient Ask A Question form on this website or call +1 345 949 4790

The Fixed Base Operator for Grand Cayman is Island Air

What is Personal Driver?

“Rather be a passenger than a driver? or Are you on Island for a one day visit and don’t have time to navigate?
We can help with a dedicated personal driver”

What is Concierge Services?

“We are partnered with IslandLuxeConcierge, Cayman’s leading Private Concierge service. We work together to
create unique experiences tailored to the specific needs and preferences of discerning clients worldwide”

What is Long Term Rentals?

“Based on availability, we offer competitive rates and unbeatable service – Long Term rentals include FREE
weekly cleaning, maintenance and a lot of conveniences you’ll not find elsewhere”

What is Corporate Leasing?

“Many businesses understand the many benefits of Leasing automobiles and so do we. Contact us to see how we
can support your corporate fleet requirements”

What is Groups, Wedding & Events?

“Cayman is a magical place and a top destination for Weddings, Corporate events and Groups. We’ve had great
success in helping to make great memories”

All About Roundabouts aka Traffic Circles

Roundabouts or Traffic Circles are very common in The Cayman Islands – Often they are used instead of traffic lights.

While they are not difficult to use, you should take a moment to become familiar with how they work and how to use them.
Please click on the PDFs in the following topics in this section to learn more.

Useful Videos
How To Use A Roundabout I

How To Use A Roundabout II

How To Use Three (3) Lane Roundabouts

General Roundabout Guide

General Roundabout Guide: Download PDF

Mini Roundabout Guide

Mini Roundabout Guide: Download PDF

Dual Roundabout Guide

Dual Roundabout Guide: Download PDF

Cayman Road Code

The official Cayman Islands Road Code can be found here:  Cayman Islands Road Code

What do I do if I have an Accident?

Report any accident or incident immediately by Calling  +1-345-925-8508 or +1-345-949-4790

The Royal Cayman Island Police can be reached at:  +1 345-949-4222

If the incident is minor, it must still be reported immediately
eMail us at:

  • Safety is always the first priority – Please observe these general guidelines:
  • Review our Safe Driving Tips
  • If possible – Pull off the main road to a parking lot or out of the flow of traffic
  • If there is an injury, call the Police Immediately

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